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Lifestyle Wellness Pro is all about healthy living.  Here's what we all know to be true:  Good health is a lifestyle choice.  

Whether you're looking to lose weight (body fat), increase energy, sleep better, balance your hormones or learn how to better handle the stress of your busy daily life -- you've come to the right place.

There are no quick fixes to feeling well.  It is a lifestyle choice based on education, empowerment and a holistic approach toward every day living.   

I look forward to working with you!

Em Coyer
Master Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach


Featured Clients - Lisa and Cam

My partner Cameron and I are in our 70s with some health issues. We had met Coach Coyer socially and knew he was an accomplished trainer. With COVID keeping us away from the gym we considered asking him to work with us, but we were hesitant at first. Why?


Featured Clients - Dr. John Downs

Daily sessions with EM Coyer have resulted in a marked slowing of the aging process. I am more fit physically than I was 15 years ago.   I’m able to exercise in a controlled fashion monitored by a trained, credentialed and highly skilled professional trainer.  I can participate in competitive golf events and travel.  more...

Lost over 100 pounds!

“When I started with Em, I was 100 pounds overweight. I tried every diet out there, hired numerous trainers, but had no successful results.  Em was a game changer in my life.  In less than a year, I lost over 100 pounds. Em also helped me to reach a life - long goal of bench pressing 400 pounds.”

-  Mike Campbell

Took 1st place..!

“Em helped me lose over 60 pounds and inspired me to do my first race; of which, I took first place in my age group.”

- Dr. Nick Mansito

He truly cares...

“After my first back surgery and my physical therapy sessions were over, I hired Em as my Personal Trainer.   After my initial interview, I knew I found the right guy for the job. His knowledge and qualifications were off the chart. However, what sold me the most was his passion!  I could tell right away that he truly cares about his client’s success, and I was right!”

-  Al Faragelli 


Changed my entire life!

“When I first started training with Coach Coyer, I thought I was in great shape and just needed a Personal Trainer for motivation while working out.  Finding Coach Coyer as a Personal Coach changed my entire life. He taught me how to exercise with proper form and technique; every training session was fun with result driven goals, and every session was fresh and new. I learned about proper nutrition:   What foods I needed to eat to achieve my goals, as well as what foods to avoid.  He created a nutrition plan to coincide with what my body needed for each daily activity.  But, most importantly, Coach Coyer taught me that my body is unique, nutrition works at several different levels, and he taught me how the body works.”

-  Janet Cribbs

For over 14 years...

“Em has been my Personal Trainer / Coach for over 14 years. When I first came to Em, I was 40 pounds over-weight and had spent a lifetime of trying every diet fad out there, but nothing ever stuck. In just a few short months I had lost all my weight and established a lifetime commitment to my health and fitness. Em worked with me on my nutrition, setting up a consistent exercise and flexibility program to suit what I needed for success.  Em’s lifestyle wellness coaching sessions is what gave me the knowledge to overcome my challenges”.

-  Sue Floyd