The Journey


My name is Em Coyer...

... and I want to personally thank you for visiting my site. 

Perhaps you'd like to know about my background as a health professional.

Humble Beginnings...

I started my career in the fitness industry in 1986, fresh out of high school.  l landed my first job working for the largest health club chain in the state of Michigan. 

My initial tasks were simple -- picking up weights and cleaning locker rooms. 

However, by nature, I’m a motivated person so it did not take long before I became general manager.

In 1993, I had left the chain, opened my first health club and established the name, Lifestyle Wellness.   

In just a few years, my little health club grew into four health clubs.   Then, in 1997 I sold all four clubs, but kept the name, Lifestyle Wellness

A Move to the South

After that transaction, I moved to Ocala, Florida where I took a position as the Director of Personal Training with World Gym.  After two years with World Gym, I decided, once again, to venture out on my own.  

And, once again, I re-established Lifestyle Wellness. It was at this time that I launched my “standard of excellence” in the fitness and wellness world.

Sharing Experience and Knowledge 

 In 2008, I sold my wellness and fitness center.  I began a new journey as a consultant to other fitness professionals and health club owners.  

I traveled from health club to health club throughout the United States.   After four years of extensive travel and non-stop working I took a well earned and much needed break -- for six months.  


A Time to Reflect 

During those six months, not only did I take a complete inventory of my fitness career, but also made a “deep dive” into my own head to assess WHAT in this industry made me the happiest.  

Everything pointed me in the same direction:  My time connecting with people as a personal coach.  Helping to change the lives of so many people in order to live a healthier, happy lifestyle… that is where I am the happiest… and, here I am today!

Professional Recognition

Throughout my career as a fitness professional, I’ve earned and accumulated 23 health and fitness certifications in all areas including Exercise, Nutrition, Wellness, Life Strategies Coaching and Health Club Management & Marketing

I have personally coached over 1,000 individuals, ranging from the novice to fitness enthusiast to professional and Olympic athletes.  I’ve also helped individuals with mild to serious health challenges.

Several fitness media outlets have recognized me as being one of “The Best of the Best” in training and as a Fit-Pro Consultant.  I have been slated as the superman of fitness by my peers and called a "breath of fresh air" by personal and business clients.

On the Business Side

As a successful health club management consultant, I assisted hundreds of fitness professionals and health club owners in achieving their own professional goals.  

By incorporating my proprietary “Program Profit Centers” and “Business Success Systems” they increased their bottom line, expanded their businesses and, along the way, literally helped hundreds of thousands of people regain their health.

Back to Basics

Though I’ve received recognition and accolades for my accomplishments, I am most proud of embracing my life-long, deep-rooted desire to create results and making an impact on those of whom cross my path and/or seek my expertise.

I make a strong promise to all who are personally coached by me.  I will do everything in my power to help you live a Healthy, Happy and Terrific Lifestyle.

Most importantly, I will always commit to the Lifestyle Wellness Pro Motto “We Put Life into Lifestyles.”


How About YOU?  

Shall we start a new journey together? 

It can start right now by scheduling a 15-minute "discovery" call so I can learn about your journey and where you want to go...