Forward Momentum


In this post, I want to talk to you about waiting for the “right time” and how it’s keeping you stuck.  (FYI: this applies to life, in general!)

You may have “thought about” getting started on a new program and maybe even been about to actually start then decided,  “…it’s not the right time”.


I know this because I’ve experienced this same pattern with myself.


I’ve also witnessed it with potential clients who filled out applications to one of our programs only to get to the end and all or a sudden, “it’s not a good time!” 


Or, “I have to wait until…….”


Here’s something to consider.  How about reframing this whole “time” thing into the opposite.


What if, “it’s not the right time” is actually the “PERFECT TIME?”


The Endless Cycle


We often keep ourselves stuck because we only start things at the “right time.” 


We wait for that Monday.


Or we wait until January to start the year off right.


Perhaps you’ll start in April or September after that vacation or that big project or that wedding…. It goes on and on!


Exactly when is that “right time?”


 Right Now Might be the Perfect Time


Throughout my career, the clients who have achieved and (and maintained) the best results are the ones who started a program when the time wasn’t exactly “perfect”. 


There’s Tommy, a marketing director, who literally started a program in the morning the day before his company took a Christmas break.  


The company would be throwing a holiday party with lots of yummy, unhealthy food – and there would be a non-company after party with alcohol and even more food. 


Not exactly the right time.  But, for him, it was the PERFECT TIME!  A true test of his self-discipline!


How about Tracy, a mom with four kids who started a 12-Week Transformation Challenge knowing she was due for minor foot surgery during week #4.  Kind of crazy, right?  But not for Tracy.


She paused for three weeks, working her upper body, and ultimately finished her challenge in the best shape of her life.


 Even If it’s Just 1%


Here’s something else to consider.


Many people fall for the “it’s not the right time” scenario because starting up seems like such a big leap. 


But, it doesn’t have to be. 


What if it was just a tiny step forward.  


What if during those “imperfect” times, you learn to just do-the-minimum and focus on improving just 1% on those days.  


As in, doing something is better than doing nothing. 


Maybe a walk.  Or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.  Whatever your 1% might be.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all about keeping some kind of forward momentum – whether it’s just 1% or 110%


This way, on even your lowest day, you can meet yourself where you’re at – and still keep moving forward.


So, whether this is the “ideal time” or not, do something …. anything towards that 1% improvement. 


If you’re not sure where to start, just give me a call and let’s talk.

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