The Golfers Edge

Get Fit to Break Par Program


 An E.M. Coyer Systematically Designed Program 2022 

 You Don’t Need New Clubs 

You Need a Stronger Body 

Prevent Swing Break Down While 

Building a Strong, Conditioned and Mobile Body

Volume 1 

Get Fit to Break Par Program Consist of: 

+ 4 – Week Program, 5 - Separate Workouts, Progresses Weekly 

+ Get Fit to Break Par Program is a Systematically Designed 3 Level Total Body Workout Program consisting of 38 – Different Exercises. Including: 7 – Leg, 7 – Back, 7 - Mobility, 7 – Multifunctional, and 10 – Core Exercises. 

Covering Power, Strength, Conditioning, and Mobility. Each exercise selected for this program aids in the muscles and function during a Golf swing. 

+ Comes with full color photos of all 38 exercises demonstrating each exercise through its full range of motion, with how to and tips of each exercise 

+ 3 level Progressive Cardiovascular Program 

+ Program Schedule and Workout Calendar covering what exercises to do and when to do them 

+ Healthy Resources Guide 

+ Goal and Success Tracking System 

Here are 2 Free Exercises from the Get Fit to Break Par Program for You to Sample 

Great Core Exercise – Helps build hip and core strength while providing hip and torso mobility / rotation 


Great Multi-Functional Exercise: Combining legs, back and deltoids into one move. Great for building overall strength and posture stabilization. 


Your Program will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase 

Enclosed will be: 

• Download and print friendly documents 

• Complete full color exercise guide of all 38 exercises 

• Workout description by fitness level 

• 4 – Week workout schedule and calendar 

• Goal and Success tracking system 

• Healthy resources guide 


The Golfers Edge Get Fit to Break Par Program is ready for you to have for only $50.00