Lisa and Cam


My partner Cameron and I are in our 70s with some health issues. We had met Coach Coyer socially and knew he was an accomplished trainer. With COVID keeping us away from the gym we considered asking him to work with us, but were hesitant at first. Why?

We knew he had trained military personnel and athletes. We were afraid he might push us beyond our abilities and/or that he would look down on us, two old people who can’t do many of the routines he uses for others. Happily, we were wrong on both counts.

Coach Em truly has a gift for both compassion and accurate assessment of what his clients need, even when that changes from session to session. He can see right away if one of us needs a little extra attention to one area, and designs routines that spare my rotator cuff or Cam’s bum knee or whatever our infirmity du jour happens to be.

He is kind and engaging and never makes us feel that we are less important to him than his younger, stronger clients.  He has incorporated stretching, flexibility and balance exercises, and even gentle yoga into our sessions, and we have experienced quite a bit of improvement in flexibility and reduction of pain.

We laugh about no longer groaning every time we stand up!

When our grandson was visiting, Coach Em included him in our sessions and gave him some great tips on fitness for golf, which is his passion at the age of 12.

In addition to individual training, Coach has also developed a super informative and easy to use (even for us) website covering all sorts of fitness and nutrition topics. I am a retired physician, so I read some of this material with an eye out for errors and oversimplification, and found none of that. All the information was accurate and easy to understand.  I have barely scratched the surface of it but look forward to more study.

We are headed home to Michigan soon and of all the things we will miss over the summer, training with Coach Em is what we will miss most.

He is a very kind, knowledgeable, enthusiastic trainer and we’re so glad we had the opportunity to work with him.  If he is still in the area next year we will be doing so again.


Lisa Forrest
Cam Wilson