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Programs Overview

I customize each program according to each person's: Personal Metabolic Burn Rate, Metabolic Exercise Rate and Metabolic Nutrition Rate, Goals and Comfort.

Also included are: Personal Risk Factors, Challenges, and Obstacles that hold them back from living a consistent and long-term healthy Lifestyle.

Personal Customization can only be established once those factors are identified. It all starts with our Lifestyle Wellness Needs Analysis, where the right questions and the right tests are applied to determine your Personal Road Map to Success.




One-on-One Fitness Coaching

Customized Multi-Functional Exercise Programs according to your Goals, Risk Factors and Metabolic Exercise Rate.

Small Group Fitness Classes

Welcoming the novice to the most advanced our classes are motivating, challenging, enthusiastic and self-fulfilling.



Personalized Nutrition Programs customized to your Food Preferences, Risk Factors, Goals, and
Metabolic Nutrition Rate and Metabolic Burn Rate. Covering…

Weight Loss

Lean Muscle Gain

Lifestyle Nutrition

Lifestyle Wellness Supplements



Education is the key to living a Long Term and Consistent Healthy Lifestyle and it starts with our
National Certified Program Onboard-101 and The Get to Know Yourself Program, Offering…

Online Courses


Group Education Courses



We call it disconnecting from the world and connecting to nature.

Paddle Board Fitness and Yoga (bring your own or use one of ours)

Outdoor Cycling, Trekking Fitness



The Lifestyle Wellness Pro Studio is located at 2780 N Florida Avenue, Suite 15, in Hernando, Florida.

Nestled between beautiful Lake Hernando and Florida's #1 bike trail, the Withlacoochee Bike Trail.

We are 6 Miles from Inverness, 10 Miles from Dunnellon, and 15 miles from Ocala, respectively.

Phone: (352) 328-2669