The Hope Molecule


Have you ever heard of the Hope Molecule?  


It represents an effective way we can feel good during trying times. 


All we need to do is move our bodies. 


With so much uncertainty around the globe right now, taking steps every day to monitor and improve our mental state becomes essential for fighting off depressive states  – as well as hopelessness or emotional instability.   


Listen, it’s absolutely “OK” to NOT be “OK” right now!


And, thankfully there are a range of resources at our disposal to help us calm down and improve our mental health.


Of course, you knew I was going to say this, but one of the absolute best “resources” to implement into your lifestyle is daily movement through exercise. 


You probably already know that exercise can help boost our mood and improve cognitive function.


But, it’s the ‘WHY’ behind this boost to our mental state that provides such a compelling case for exercise. 


Our muscles act as an endocrine system, which essentially means they are a big pump producing and secreting hormones which are used by the body in a range of different ways. 


These hormones and proteins are needed by our bodies to function at an optimal level. It’s widely acknowledged that they are produced to help fight off various internal maladies, improve heart health and regulate our metabolisms. 


But the big bonus is that our muscles also secrete hormones that are wildly beneficial for our brain health


These hormones specifically (known as Hope Molecules) target stress hormone receptors to make us more resilient to stress and induce feelings of elation to combat depression, or in other words, our muscles literally produce antidepressant molecules. 


The only thing we have to do to access these molecules is contract our muscles through movement! 


Walking, running, dancing, swimming –  any kind of exercise at all, and these hormones are pumped into our bloodstream and delivered straight to our brain.


This hormone release is a biological relic from times when our survival was dependent on our ability to hunt and to gather (movement). 


Our brains released a “happy high” to reinforce our survival instincts ie. 


Regardless of its evolutionary origins, the physical and mental effects can be felt by all of modern mankind and put to use in a practical way – right away.


Whenever you’re ready, I’m right here ready to show you how!